Written Language

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What is written language?

Language can be classified as receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (speaking and writing). In some cases, augmentative/alternative communication may
be required for individuals demonstrating impairments in gestural, spoken, and/or written modalities. (ASHA, 1993).

Spoken language and written language and their associated components (i.e., receptive and expressive) are each a synergistic system comprised of individual language
domains (i.e., phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics) that form a dynamic integrative whole (Berko Gleason, 2005)


                    Reading and Written Language

                     ASHA American Speech & Hearing Association


Phonology understanding of letter-sound associations while reading (i.e., phonics) accurate spelling of words while writing
Morphology understanding grammar while reading appropriate use of grammar when writing
Syntax understanding sentence structure while reading using correct sentence structure when writing
Semantics reading vocabulary writing vocabulary

(includes discourse)

understanding point-of-view, needs of the audience, etc. conveying point-of-view, intended message, etc.