The Fast ForWord Program

Increase Auditory Processing and Learning with Fast ForWord Software

Neuroscience-Based Software


The neuroscience-based Fast ForWord reading program rewires and strengthens essential cognitive — memory, attention, auditory processing and sequencing — and reading skills.


Fast ForWord software taps into the new findings that the brain can always learn new information and to increase the neuronal connections in the brain.  Fast ForWord is based on this principle of  neuroplasticity (brain rewiring), using exercises where students make hundreds of increasingly complex decisions creating new neural connections and pathways.

Fast ForWord is used to treat a range of auditory processing, language and learning skills.  Learning Tree has documented pre and post testing showing 1-3+ Standard Deviations of growth.  That equals 1-3  years/grade levels of growth in just less than 6 months. (often within 2 months). 


Fast ForWord treats the underlying difficulties, not the symptoms:  the foundation!!

Fast ForWord treats the very foundation of most reading, language, auditory memory and auditory processing deficits.

  • 2+ million students in 42 countries

Individualized and Adaptive Exercises

Fast ForWord is individualized for each student.  The program starts with training cognitive skills: working memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills using adaptive exercises.  These exercises begin at a slow processing speed and increase speed as the learner’s skill improves in the cognitive skills. The exercises constantly adjust for each student’s needs.

After 1-3 months, students can then move to a reading program to build reading fluency, spelling and comprehension skills.

Each Fast ForWord program (10 in total) has 5-7 games, each with a different mix of cognitive and/or reading skill targets. Learning Tree designs individualized protocols that take 30-50 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week.

30+ Years of Research

Fast ForWord software incorporates cognitive research, neuroscience, linguistics and natural learning science. This collaboration was developed over 30 years by 4 highly regarded neuroscientists, with input from several world-renowned universities.

Documented Results

Fast ForWord is a play on fast for word and fast forward, emphasizing fast results. By removing underlying impediments, it can quickly open the flood-gates to higher achievement. 240+ research studies show substantial student gains while still doing the program and after program completion.

Who does Fast ForWord Help

Fast ForWord is used to treat auditory processing deficits, receptive and expressive language difficulties, and the foundations of dyslexia, traumatic brain injury. Fast ForWord has been shown to improve symptoms of Aspergers syndrome.

The software is now available on the iPad® and is now available in a 3-day protocol.