Treatment for speech disorders.

Treatment of articulation disorders


Learning Tree offers “extremely fun” articulation therapy for children.  Articulation therapy involves the production of target sounds in different word positions produced in single words, sentences and conversation.  Stimuli include picture cards or items that contain target sounds.  Articulation stimuli can be used with numerous extremely fun game formats that delight children making repeated production of target sounds an experience to look forward to.


“Historically, the treatment of speech sound errors involved teaching the motor skills needed for the articulation of speech sounds. Since the 1970s, speech sound disorders have also been viewed from a linguistic or phonological perspective.”

“Some treatment approaches have traditionally focused on articulation production and others have been more phonological/language-based. Articulation approaches target each sound deviation and are often selected by the clinician when the child’s errors are assumed to be motor-based; the aim is correct production of the target sound(s). Phonological approaches target a group of sounds with similar error patterns, although the actual treatment of exemplars of the error pattern may target individual sounds. Phonological approaches are often selected in an effort to help the child internalize phonological rules and generalize these rules to other sounds within the pattern (e.g., final consonant deletion, cluster reduction). Both approaches might be used in therapy with the same individual at different times or for different reasons.”

ASHA:  American Speech and Hearing Association