Treatment for language disorders

Language therapy

Language therapy is based on the results of the evaluation.  Remediation plans and therapy goals are determined by diagnosed language challenges.  Therapy approaches vary greatly by age of client.

Language therapy for children focuses on game and story formats.  Flashcard stimuli can be added to a variety of age appropriate and motivating games.  Traditional children’s games with stimulus cards or premade therapy kits are available for language goals.  Preschool language therapy can includes age appropriate play sequences for language expansion.

Language therapy for adolescence and adults may vary depending on the daily needs of the client or student.  Adolescents, high school, and college age students have classroom assignments that involve reading and comprehending (receptive language) as well as written language (expressive language).  Therapy traditionally will focus on language skills as found in written information.

Language therapy for adults is also highly variable depending on the individual’s daily needs.