Reading Fluency


Teacher With Male Pupil Reading At Desk In Classroom

Reading fluency refers to the ability to identify words with accuracy and appropriate rate of reading. In other words, fluency is the ability to automatically read words without great effort.  This includes the number of words read per minute (rate) and the number of words correctly identified (accuracy).  Reading fluency and reading accuracy are of great importance in reading comprehension.

Prosody, or reading with expression, is an additional aspect of fluency.

Diagnosis of reading fluency includes a comparison of reading decoding and word identification (accuracy), reading fluency (speed) and reading comprehension.  This enables an accurate identification of the nature of the individual’s reading challenges.


  1. Reading evaluation that measures the differences between accuracy (word decoding and identification), fluency (speed) and comprehension.
  2. Reading Fluency:
    • Reading accuracy
    • Rate of reading passages
    • Rapid automatic naming

Treatment of fluency depends on the nature of the fluency challenges.  As mentioned previously, fluency treatment can focus on reading decoding, reading accuracy for identifying words or reading rate.  Reading decoding and word identification are discussed in previous sections.

Fast ForWord Reading Assistant software features guided reading for students. Reading Assistant is a research based reading intervention program designed to improve reading comprehension and reading fluency.