Learn new tasks and change your brain!

Neuroplasticity is the nervous system’s ability to undergo organizational changes in responses to internal and external changes. The nervous system has the ability to reorganize circuits through perceptual and motor skill mastery.  This reorganization is due to the mastery (learning) of new skills through numerous repetitions.  This ability to reorganize is ongoing throughout our lives.

Dr. Michael Merzenich, (University of California San Francisco), a renown neuroscientist in the field of brain plasticity, developed the first understanding of how the bran changes across our lifetime. His research on the “plastic” brain has proven that the brain can change and improve our lives for the. This proven concept of brain plasticity has shown that new or improved abilities can be acquired at any point in life.

In a child or an adult acquiring a new ability or improving an older ability, the brain changes in a corresponding way. Changes in the brain are accountable for the improvement of the learned ability.  Brain plasticity are the physical changes in the brain in response to new or improved abilities.

Interestingly, the brain changes while acting on operations in the world physically or mentally by using the exact same processes.  The brain is just as plastic in thought as it is in actions.  In otherwards, if you think about some thing long and hard enough, you can actually change your brain!

Some children are slower in organizing activity in their brains but even these children have the advantage of great changes due to brain plasticity.  Research has found that  through training, those children who have gotten off to a slower start can be brought up to speed due to brain plasticity. Older individuals can also change their brains by learning a new skill.  Therefore, Merzenich concludes, “Large scale changes in the operational capabilities of the brain are possible at any age.”

To quit learning new or improved skills the brain begins to atrophy.  The brain needs to be continuously exercised to acquire new skills, new abilities and being used in new ways.

“Your brain loves to learn; that’s brain food.” (Dr. Michael Merzenich)

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Key Points:
“Your brain loves to learn; that’s brain food.”