Auditory Processing Deficits and Academic Implications


                 Deficit Areas                      Academic Indications
Slow auditory processing speed
  • auditory discrimination difficulties
  • problems with following rapid conversation
Problems discriminating sound/speech
  • problems with vocabulary retention without visual cues
  • problems spelling
Difficulties listening in noisy environments
  • problems “hearing” the teacher in noisy classrooms
  • misses classroom information
Auditory integration
  • problems integrating visual and auditory information
  • poor language comprehension
  • poor auditory memory
  • poor reading comprehension
Temporal Processing
  • poor comprehension of figurative language
  • problems identifying the main ides
  • problems sequencing auditory information
  • social problems
  • flat affect
Atypical left ear advantage
  • atypical hemisphere for language

resulting in language difficulties such as written language deficits

Atypical right ear advantage
  • poor auditory integration
  • delayed maturation or
  • disordered auditory processing system